It is recommended that you use graph paper to help you to draw an accurate sketch. The symbols on the attached page will help you.

First of all, make a note of the wall thicknesses (internal walls and external walls) and the door widths. Doors are usually all the same width throughout a building, but watch out for any that differ in size from the rest.

It is always best to start in a corner of your graph paper. Although it is not always vital that your sketch is perfectly in proportion it is recommended that you try to keep spaces in proportion relative to each other and use a scale of approximately 2cm to 1 metre (1:50)

Use a nice sharp pencil or retractable pencil and always keep a rubber handy! Use a clipboard or a book to ensure your sketch is as neat as possible.

Remember to measure the widest parts of the room to gain its main dimensions. If the room is an irregular shape i.e. is 'L' shaped or has a diagonal or rounded wall then it is advisable to take a few measurements and add these to your sketch. It may sound obvious but do remember to name rooms clearly and put all dimensions on your sketch.

Remember to mark all the windows on your sketch.

Generally measurements should be provided in metres but your CAD plan can show both imperial or metric measurements, or both.

Remember to name each floor: ground floor, first floor etc. If you have a basement, then please add this in too.  If necessary, sketch each floor on a separate sheet.

If your property is a flat then please label as such i.e, GFF (ground floor flat), FFF (first floor flat), SFF (second floor flat) etc

It is not always necessary to add the garden to your plan, but it can be included if you want it. Gardens can be quite large and we don't expect you to draw to scale the whole thing. It is most important you draw the shape of the garden in relation to the immediate vicinity of the building. The rest can be added stating 'Garden extends to...'. Add zigzag markings to indicate that the whole garden is not drawn on. As always label these areas. Add hatching to them too to indicate that they are external areas.

If you want a North point to be included on the plan please use a compass to draw it as accurately as possible.

Final checks

We can't stress enough how important it is to do a final check to make sure you have included everything on your sketch.  A quick checklist is given below to help you. If in doubt add more labelling than you need then we can decide what is necessary.

Once your sketch is complete you can scan and email the sketch or pop it in the post. If scanning the document, please make sure it is clear enough to read.  If we can't read it then it will be rejected.

Have the wall thicknesses been noted?
Have door widths been noted?
Are the main dimensions of every room shown clearly?
Are all rooms labelled?
Are all windows marked on the sketch?
Is a North point included? (if required)