Planning Permission

If you need extracts from Ordnance Survey maps to accompany a planning permission application these can be provided by HH CAD plans. 
Most planning applications require a location plan at scale 1:1250 and a site plan (also known as a block plan) usually at scale 1:500, to be submitted as supporting documents. A location plan shows the proposal in its surrounding context and a site plan shows the development in more detail.

Lease Plans

Site  plans are a requirement with a Lease Plan, so that the property can be  clearly identified   and any associated buildings or parking areas can  be marked. 

Land Registry Compliant Title Plans & Transfer Plans

When ownership of land is being transferred from one party to another a transfer plan is required.
The transfer plan will detail the boundaries of the land, giving the new owner full rights over it. The Land Registry requirements are the same as for title plans. 
When land or property is registered a title register and title plan are prepared. Title plans are based on an extract of the Ordnance Survey map.
They support the property description in the title register by giving a graphic representation of the registration.
A title plan shows the general extent of the land or property in a registered title, edged in red. The title plan is drawn to a scale of 1:1250  for urban areas and 1:2500 or 1:10,000 for rural areas. Some title plans have areas which are coloured, relating to specific entries in the title register,  commonly rights of way and shared areas.

Commercial Sites

Site Plan

Many sites have very old black and white site plans which have been copied repeatedly until the clarity of the plan is lost. HH CAD Plans can produce a brand new site plan in pdf format which can be printed as many times as required and it will always look as good as the day it was drawn.

The site plan will be an accurate Ordnance Survey map which can have further detail, for example parking spaces, added using CAD technology. The example opposite shows how that would look. The car parking spaces can be marked up with numbers or in different colours to indicate the allocation in multi-occupied sites.

If a site plan is needed for any reason at all HH CAD Plans can provide it and adapt it to meet your specific requirements.