If you have a PDF version of a plan, HH CAD Plans can convert it to CAD format to enable it to be modified/updated. However, the quality of the resulting CAD plan will depend upon the type of PDF.

There are two different methods of creating PDF files:

1. Vector PDF - these are usually PDF files which were created as DWG files and then converted to PDF format. These can be converted back to crystal clear and editable DWG files.

2. Raster PDF - typically scanned PDF files which are only bitmapped images. Conversion of these will require tracing of lines, called raster to vector conversion. The result will depend on how good the scanned images are.

Once the PDF has been converted it can be edited as a CAD file and detail either added or removed depending upon your requirement. It may be possible to enhance raster PDFs with CAD software to make detail which has been lost much clearer.

Once the amendments have been made it will be converted back to a PDF and emailed to you.