Many buildings or sites have had plans drawn in the past, but only hard copies have been retained. It may even be that the only plans available are paper architect's plans dating back to when the building was first constructed. These become very tatty after repeated use and they are inaccurate after being photocopied many times over. These plans can be manually redrawn as accurate and precise CAD plans.

Alternatively, if you have good quality pdf plans, these can be converted into CAD plans also and updated as necessary.

Your finished CAD plans will be sent to you by email in the format of your choice (dwg, pdf, jpg, gif or wmf) 
so that you can print out as many copies as you want or email them to your clients.

Usually this can be done without a site visit, but please note, any errors on the hard copy plans will be transferred to the CAD plans. If you are not sure of the accuracy of your plans it is advised that a site survey is requested.