lease plan

Our Lease Plans Include

  • A site visit and dimensional survey.

  • Floor Plan at 1:100 or 1:200 scale.

  • Ordnance Survey location plan at 1:500 or 1:1250 scale

  • Liaising with other property professionals if required.

  • HM Land Registry compliant plan e-mailed in PDF format.

  • Delivery within 48 hours of completion of a site visit.

  • Lease plans may also be produced from existing information in certain circumstances.

All our Lease Plans are drawn in full compliance with the RICS Code Of Measuring Practice (6th Edition) and the Land Registry Practice Guide.

HH CAD Plans provides a complete Lease Plan service. We are happy to work with property agents, solicitors or direct with any private client who needs to obtain a Land Registry compliant Lease Plan in South or West Yorkshire.

Why Do I Need A Lease Plan?

On October 13th 2003 new laws were implemented which make it necessary for all leases granted for 7 years or more to be registered with the Land Registry. The law also applies to existing leases sold or assigned with 7 or more years to run. Part of the lease application requires a Land Registry compliant plan to be produced and submitted.

The Guidelines For Lease Plans Outlined By The Land Registry Are:
  • The plan must be metric only and be drawn to scale and show its orientation.

  • Dimensions are to be in metric units to two decimal places.

  • The plans must show sufficient detail to enable the land in the lease (including any garage, bin store, or garden ground) to be identified on the Ordnance Survey map and where appropriate, the landlords title plan.

  • The property must be clearly identified by suitable colouring, edging or hatching.

  • Edgings should not be so wide as to obscure any other detail on the plan.

  • Different floor levels must be identified both on the plan as well as in the text description in the lease.

  • Disclaimer clauses or notes that the plan is not to scale or is for identification purposes only must not be used; applications based on such plans may be rejected.

  • Colour references on the plan must match the text of the deed.

  • The plan must be signed by the landlord.

Further information and advice can be found at Landlord zone logo

Other Land Registry Plans

Land Registry compliant Title Plans and Transfer Plans can also be provided by HH CAD Plans. Full details about these plans and other larger scale plans that can be prepared can be found by following the link to our Site Plans page.