Our Commercial Floor Plans Include:

  • Full site visit and measured survey within 48 hours of an enquiry
  • Survey in line with RICS guidance
  • Liaising with other property professionals if required
  • Plan emailed in the format of your choice (pdf, jpg, gif or dwg)
  • Plan drawn in black & white or colour with shading/hatching as required
  • Company colours can be matched exactly
  • Delivery within 48 hours of survey completion
  • All necessary amendments free of charge

HH CAD Plans specialises in producing 2D Floor Plans of commercial premises for property agents. Our plans are frequently requested for marketing purposes, but once a CAD plan of a commercial property has been drawn up it can then be used for many other purposes: space planning, fire risk assessment plan, Lease Plan, Facilities Management etc. etc.

In the UK property industry, a Floor Plan is now an essential marketing tool in selling or letting a property. It is one of the most important pieces of a property marketing strategy and the first detail that many potential buyers and tenants will look for. In just the same way that Floor Plans of residential properties help buyers to visualise the layout, Floor Plans for commercial premises will help potential buyers and tenants to see how a layout will work for them before they inspect the building. High quality, accurate floor plans add immediate impact and professionalism to property marketing and many clients want to be able to study the layout of a building in detail before making a decision.  By providing these plans for them,  the property letting/sales process can be speeded up considerably.

Property agents are frequently asked to provide a shortlist of properties for a client to consider. If the properties on the shortlist do not have floor plans in their marketing material, HH CAD Plans can draw layout plans to help clients to decide on the most suitable premises. This will save wasted time on visits to premises which have a layout which is unsuitable or can not be adapted to a client's needs. Having Floor Plans at an early stage of the moving process could save money in the longer term and will help clients to make informed choices on selecting the right premises.

In addition to the marketing Floor Plans that we provide to estate agents, we can provide plans of commercial premises for a variety of other applications for example Lease Plans and Licensing Plans.