Two For The Price Of One

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Monday, April 24, 2017

Most of the work undertaken by HH CAD Plans is drawing up marketing floor plans for commercial premises and drawing up Land Registry compliant lease plans.
A lot of estate agents for commercial premises are still not 100% convinced that having floor plans drawn up for their marketing material is absolutely necessary. This is in contrast to residential estate agents who now invariably include a floor plan because potential buyers demand it. However, for commercial premises too, having a detailed and accurate floor plan drawn up at an early stage does help with the marketing, giving clients a clear impression of the property layout, but it can then also be very easily adapted into a Land Registry compliant lease plan, saving time and further expense for the client once they have decided to rent the property. A win win situation!
Our clients are now increasingly asking us to undertake drawing up both plans, which makes perfect sense as they effectively get two plans for the price of one.