Space Planning - The Process

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Monday, August 5, 2013 Under: Space Planning
There are a number of steps in a full space planning project which are listed below, but many clients require only the first few steps to allow them to make the decision to move (or not to move) to a specific building. The full process involves:
  • Feasibility Study - assessment of space needs
  • Obtain or draw floorplan of proposed premises
  • Mathematical fit calculation
  • Detailed data gathering
  • First draft layout plans
  • Staff consultation process
  • Redrafts and further consultation
  • Agree and sign off full layout plans

The full process is complex and lengthy, and HH CAD Plans can undertake the entire task, but if your requirement is for just a part of the process, I am equally happy to provide whatever assistance is needed within your budget.

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