Space Planning

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Friday, October 11, 2013 Under: Space Planning
I have been working on a space planning project recently. CAD is the ideal tool for this, enabling me to discuss ideas with my client and draw them up quickly so that the client can almost immediately see how their ideas will work in practice.
I always say, the first draft of a space planning drawing will be nothing like the finished layout, but what it does is to give clients a starting point from which they can pick out the bits they like and reject the bits they don't like.
In the old days it was a case of cutting out desk shapes and laying them on a plan. This was very time consuming and not very accurate. With CAD, it is quick and easy to move the furniture around on paper and try out lots if ideas until the best possible layout is found, and the accuracy of the drawing ensures no nasty surprises on removals day.

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