Quotations For Plans

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Under: General Blog
If you require a plan, you will need to give as much information as possible to allow an accurate quotation to be given. This might seem obvious, but we frequently receive extremely vague enquiries asking how much a plan will cost, but giving no detail of exactly what is needed.
First of all, what is the plan for? Is it a marketing floor plan, a lease plan, a site plan......With a clear idea of the purpose of the plan it is much easier to give an accurate quotation. The level of detail needed will be reflected in the price.
Next, what is the full address of the property? With this information we can check it out on OS maps and Google to get a pretty good idea what it is like before visiting. Once again, this allows a quotation that will be as low as possible, because we don't need to include contingencies for unexpected surprises.
Do you have any existing plans of the property? If you have some old out of date plans of the property, these will be a useful starting point for the new plans, and a lot of time and money could be saved.
In summary, please tell us as much as possible and help us to give you the best price for your plans.

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