Plans for Estate Agents

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Friday, January 11, 2013 Under: Floor Plans
Estate Agents who specialise in residential properties often use floor plans in their marketing material, but agents who deal with commercial properties seem more reluctant to use floor plans for some reason. This is strange, as a CAD Floor Plan can be used for many more purposes on commercial properties than on residential ones, so it is actually great value for money.
Initially, a CAD Floor Plan can be added to marketing material to help potential clients visualise the layout of a commercial property and hopefully encourage them to actually view the premises. Once a buyer is actually interested in a property, they are very likely to want to do some basic space planning to see if they can make the building work for them and their business. With a CAD Floor Plan already in existence, the agent can provide them with a dwg version of it and they can do their own space planning. Alternatively, if they require a space planning service, the agent can offer it via the CAD plan provider.
To finish the deal, if it is a rental property, a Lease Plan may be required by the client's solicitor. Once again, the original CAD plan can be slightly adapted to meet this requirement without significant additional expense.
So, three plans for the price of one. A no brainer surely!

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