Land Registry Compliant Plans

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Tuesday, October 4, 2016
Much of the work being undertaken at the moment by HH CAD Plans is in the preparation of plans which need to be Land Registry compliant.

The Land Registry has very specific requirements for plans which accompany property transfers, new registrations and some lease renewals. The requirements are not complicated, but it is essential to get them right every time to avoid plans being rejected by the Land Registry.

The plans must be drawn to a metric scale and have an accurate north point.

The plans must show sufficient detail to enable the land in the lease (including any garage, bin store, or garden ground) to be identified on the Ordnance Survey map.

The property must be clearly identified by suitable colouring, edging or hatching.

Edgings should not be so wide as to obscure any other detail on the plan.

Different floor levels must be identified on the plan.

Disclaimer clauses or notes that the plan is not to scale or is for identification purposes only must not be used.

You can trust in the experience HH CAD Plans to ensure that your plans will meet all of these requirements.