Free Advice?

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 Under: General Blog
I was recently asked to provide a quotation for a Land Registry compliant plan. Having agreed a fee and been given the go ahead to do the work, I was later asked to look at some plans that the owner had subsequently found and advise whether these earlier plans were in fact already Land Registry compliant. As it happened, the plans were not compliant, but it set me thinking, what would I do if they were? By this time I had already done quite a bit of preparatory work and spent quite some time swapping emails with the client to establish the exact requirement. Would it then be churlish to refuse to comment on some plans that would end up doing me out of the job? If I confirmed that the plans were compliant and I asked for payment for the time spent, would the client pay me, or just expect to be given that expert advice for free?

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