Fourth Anniversary

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Thursday, May 28, 2015
It is coming up to four years since HH CAD Plans was set up. Time to look back and see how far the business has come, and also to look forward to the future.
From very small beginnings the business has become well established and has a good core of regular clients. Many of our clients are local, but there are also a number of clients further afield (London, Colchester, Liverpool) who send us work. This was never really anticipated, but it is a most welcome development.
Having started out doing just lease plans and marketing plans, it has been pleasing to find that there is a market for all sorts of other different types of CAD plan and it has been great to be able to develop into other areas.
For the future - well we're looking forward to continuing to work with all our regulars and also building strong relationships with some newer clients who have recently started to use our services. Our clients tell us that they appreciate the quality of the plans we produce and the customer service we provide. These will be the key to developing more business in the future.