Converting old plans to CAD

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 Under: Floor Plans
CAD is a fantastic tool for giving a new lease of life to old hard copy plans. Original hand drawn plans of buildings are often copied and copied over and over until they become almost useless. However, if the basic details and dimensions are still legible, an old dog-eared plan can be redrawn as a CAD plan. The CAD plan can then be used for a variety of purposes using different layers within the drawing. As an electronic plan it can be saved for years and years, updated when necessary and every time it is printed out it is like a brand new plan.

Even for fairly modern buildings and sites, construction plans which were drawn by architects often need to be updated to reflect changes to the building. A hard copy plan can easily be redrawn as a CAD Floor Plan, leaving out much of the architectural detail which can clutter it up. The new CAD Floor Plan is then much easier to use.

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