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Historical Barnsley

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Friday, January 22, 2016, In : Floor Plans 
We've recently been doing quite a bit of work for an established estate agent in Barnsley drawing marketing plans and Lease Plans for some of the more distinctive Victorian and Edwardian properties in the town centre. It's good to see some these properties being occupied again and refurbished internally whilst retaining their unique facades. They're not always the easiest of properties to measure up, but it is certainly very interesting to draw up plans for these buildings.

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Plans from Client Sketches

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Wednesday, January 13, 2016, In : Floor Plans 
Quite a bit of our work is drawing up plans from sketches done by our clients. It has to be said, some of the sketches we get are lacking in detail and often difficult to read, but we've never turned a job down yet! It's certainly much easier and quicker (therefore cheaper for the client) if the sketches are good quality and include all the information and dimensions for the plans to be drawn up without the need for clarification with the client. It's therefore worth just drawing our readers'...
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The Right Move?

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Tuesday, September 9, 2014, In : Floor Plans 
I recently searched on Rightmove for offices to let in Barnsley, and found that of the first 10 that came up, only one had floor plans. It was a similar story with offices for sale.
Looking a bit further, I did find some listings with floor plans, but the quality was extremely varied and certainly, in most cases, not as good as the same agents use for their residential properties.
Why don't more commercial agents see it as the right move to have floorplans with their listings and in their broch...
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How To Market A Property Properly

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Tuesday, May 27, 2014, In : Floor Plans 
Local commercial property agent Chris Rowlands recently wrote an article for the Barnsley Chronicle which highlights the value of floor plans as a marketing tool. HH CAD Plans is pleased to have provided Chris with plans for many of the properties he has marketed over recent years.

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Plan Formats

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Saturday, March 29, 2014, In : Floor Plans 
When your plans have been drawn by HH CAD Plans, they can be sent to you in a variety of formats. The best results are achieved when dwg files are converted to pdf format. The pdf plan can be enlarged on screen and when printed without losing any of the detail which has been put into the CAD plan. It can also be printed to an exact scale, so is very popular with Planning Departments.
Alternatively, many clients require their plans as jpg or png files. This is easy to do, and for many uses, the...
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Marketing Plans from Client Sketches

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Thursday, March 20, 2014, In : Floor Plans 
To keep the cost of having floor plans drawn up, HH CAD Plans offers the alternative of drawing up your plans from your own sketch. This avoids the cost of travelling to your property and spending time measuring up. A floor plan of an average three bedroomed house can be produced for around £40-£50 and be with a client within hours of receiving their sketch.
Full details can be found on our Client Sketch Plans page, including some tips to help you to draw up a good sketch plan.

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It's official - From Zoopla

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Wednesday, February 19, 2014, In : Floor Plans 
Floor plans are the key to buying a home

Stands to reason then, that floor plans are also the key to selling a home. If you are an estate agent, residential or commercial, and you are not including floor plans in your sales details, you could be missing out on potential buyers/tenants.

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HMO Floor Plans

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Thursday, January 16, 2014, In : Floor Plans 
A new page has been added to the HH CAD Plans website, giving details of the service offered to landlords who need an HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) license.
As part of their application landlords are required to submit a floor plan which shows all the fire exits, all fire detection equipment, fire extinguishers and windows. Room dimensions are also needed. The amount of detail required seems to vary from one local authority to another. Some also want details of white goods in the kitche...
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Jack Of All Trades?

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Wednesday, November 27, 2013, In : Floor Plans 
There all lots of different providers of floorplans for estate agents these days. Many companies provide a service which includes floorplans, marketing photos and an EPC. On the face of it this might seem quite attractive, but does it actually mean they do not really specialise in any of these things? It's certainly something to be aware of. It's fairly easy to find examples of floorplans on estate agents' websites which are not very detailed and sometimes not very accurate.

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"As Built" Floor Plans/Measured Surveys

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Sunday, September 1, 2013, In : Floor Plans 
We can provide floorplans with varying levels of detail. A simple floorplan (usually used for marketing) will show walls, columns, doors and windows. For a more detailed "as built" floorplan or measured survey, we can also pick up and highlight other information such as electrical and data points, sanitary fittings, incoming mains positions, plant, fire fighting and detection equipment, security equipment and signage etc. etc. The level of detail is entirely the client's choice.

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Banging The Drum for Floorplans

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Wednesday, July 31, 2013, In : Floor Plans 
In the June edition of Property Drum there is a great article confirming the benefits of floorplans as a marketing tool. Some key quotes are listed below:

"At a glance it is easy to see layout, aspect, dimensions and orientation of each room on each floor"
David Brearley of Evolve Partnership

"It gives potential viewers an idea of the layout before visiting, avoiding wasted viewings"
Ben Robinson of ETSOS

"Floorplans give a clear understanding of the layout"
James Davies of The Mobile Agent

All of t...
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Maximise the chances of finding a buyer with a floorplan

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Thursday, July 25, 2013, In : Floor Plans 

Are you currently selling your property or thinking about putting it on the market? Have you got a floorplan included within your property details? If the answer is no, then you could be missing out on enquiries, viewings and ultimately that elusive buyer!

New Rightmove research suggests that floorplans are one of the most important aspects of property presentation to buyers.

To see the full Rightmove article dated 14 June 2013 go to

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Marketing Floor Plans for Commercial Properties

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Friday, May 24, 2013, In : Floor Plans 
The message seems to have got through that floor plans help to sell residential properties, but I still find that many agents are not using floor plans in brochures for commercial properties. For offices in particular I am sure that they are just as useful in allowing a potential tenant or buyer to see how a building will work for them. In many cases I think the agents may see the worth of floor plans, but they have difficulty persuading their clients to spend money on having them drawn up. M...
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Floor Plans for Holiday Lets

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Saturday, May 11, 2013, In : Floor Plans 
Whilst searching the internet for a holiday let this summer, it struck me how few owners and agents include a floor plan in the details they provide, and how useful they are when they are provided. Everyone puts photos on their websites and these are very important, but a floor plan would just give a complete picture of what the property is like. It is difficult to do justice with just a description, but a floor plan would really help. Some owners give the area of the property, but this is no...
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What Is A Floor Plan?

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Friday, March 22, 2013, In : Floor Plans 

A floor plan is a simple line drawing showing rooms as though seen from above. On plans from HH CAD Plans walls, doorways, and windows are all drawn to scale.

When searching for a property you may study the floor plans to see how rooms are arranged. However, a floor plan is not a blueprint or a construction plan. To build a house or an extension, you need a complete set of construction plans that will include floor plans, cross-section drawings, electrical plans, elevation drawings, and man...

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Architects' Fees

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Wednesday, March 13, 2013, In : Floor Plans 
The average fee for an architect to draw up a set of Floor Plans at the moment is £70 per hour. That's if they will actually do the job in the first place. Many architects do not want to take this kind of work on and prefer to concentrate on more detailed design work. So, if all you need is a set of floor plans, why pay an architect, when a professional CAD Draughtsman/Surveyor can do an equally good job for half the price?

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Which Is Best?

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Thursday, February 28, 2013, In : Floor Plans 
Which is best; a list of rooms and dimensions, or a floor plan with all rooms and dimensions clearly marked?

No need to even give an answer is there?

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Converting old plans to CAD

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Wednesday, January 23, 2013, In : Floor Plans 
CAD is a fantastic tool for giving a new lease of life to old hard copy plans. Original hand drawn plans of buildings are often copied and copied over and over until they become almost useless. However, if the basic details and dimensions are still legible, an old dog-eared plan can be redrawn as a CAD plan. The CAD plan can then be used for a variety of purposes using different layers within the drawing. As an electronic plan it can be saved for years and years, updated when necessary and ev...
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Floor Plans for Planning Permission

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Monday, January 14, 2013, In : Floor Plans 
When applying for planning permission a floor plan is often required as supporting documentation, even for a simple change of use application. Many applications include very poor quality plans. An application is much more likely to be successful with a professional, accurate CAD floor plan.

See application 2012/1145 on Barnsley Council Online Planning Explorer -

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Plans for Estate Agents

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Friday, January 11, 2013, In : Floor Plans 
Estate Agents who specialise in residential properties often use floor plans in their marketing material, but agents who deal with commercial properties seem more reluctant to use floor plans for some reason. This is strange, as a CAD Floor Plan can be used for many more purposes on commercial properties than on residential ones, so it is actually great value for money.
Initially, a CAD Floor Plan can be added to marketing material to help potential clients visualise the layout of a commercia...
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