Bespoke Colour Plans

Posted by Helen Hardcastle on Tuesday, January 29, 2013 Under: CAD
When using Floor Plans as a marketing tool, it is a great idea to have them done in your company colours. This allows them to fit in with your company style whilst at the same time making the plans look much more professional than plain old black and white. When drafting the plans in CAD there are lots of options on how to use colours, for example if you have two bold colours in your company logo one can be used as a border and the other used for the actual plan itself. Alternatively, if you have fairly muted colours, one can be used as a background colour. There are no end of presentation options. If you know the exact colours you want, either as a Pantone number, an RGB code or a hexadecimal colour value, a match can be made very easily when the plan is drafted.

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